Leslie Marshall: I support Gavin Newsom – my 5 reasons for keeping California's governor in office

Here’s why Newsom supporters are voting no on the recall

This Tuesday, Sept. 14, is a big day here in California, where I live, because it’s Election Day, the California recall. 

Currently, Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, is our governor. He is the candidate I voted for when he ran for election in 2018. I am against this recall. I support Newsom and want him to remain in office. 

Here are my five reasons for voting no to recall Newsom as governor.

I’m against all recalls

I am against this election, not because it challenges the Democratic governor I voted for, but because I am against recalls in general. It spits in the face of the people and dismisses the will of the voters. When I (and nearly 8 million other people), an overwhelming 62% of the voters, put Newsom in the governor’s mansion, we were voting him in for a full, four-year term. In a recall election, you can have less than 2 million people deciding who will run the state of nearly 40 million people. It’s not fair and it’s not right.  

I want my governor to have experience 

If the conservative right’s attempt to oust Newsom from office are successful, he will most likely be replaced by Larry Elder. Now I know Larry. I like Larry. And just like Larry, I am a talk show host. Larry’s a broadcaster. He has zero experience when it comes to handling and operating the state of California.  

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