‘Not in charge’ Starmer’s answer to energy cap increase branded ‘thinly veiled promise’

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer was blasted over his response to the new energy price cap announced by Ofgem today, as he cannot do anything about it being outside Government.

Reacting to the new price cap, Mr Starmer said: “This is going to cause real pain for so many households.”

He also insisted energy companies “are making enormous profits.”

But Twitter users reacted to his statement, saying the Opposition Leader is “not in charge.”


Chris expects better @ChrisPislost slashed the Labour leader, saying: “Not. Good. Enough. Promise (again) to nationalise energy and water. Promise to accelerate the transition from lethal fossil fuels to affordable renewables. Useless.”

Though Mr Starmer stressed the Labour plan to freeze energy bills this winter is “fully costed”, many Twitter users questioned the statement sharing Full Fact’s fact-check.

Full Fact’s verdict is that Labour’s £29billion energy bills plan “would not fully cover the expected rise in the energy price cap, because it doesn’t take account of most customers’ higher gas and electricity consumption during the winter.”


Under Labour’s plan, the energy price cap would be frozen at the previous level – £1,971 a year in energy bills – in both October and January when energy regulator Ofgem is set to raise the cap again. 

Despite his claim that the plan is fully paid for, the Institute for Fiscal Sudies finds that freezing the price cap would cost consumers, energy companies or the Government around £8billion more than Labour says in its plans. 

“Stopping energy bills from rising is a fully-funded measure, with a total cost of £29bn”, Labour party says.


“The term ‘fully costed’ is heavily abused these days,” Jason Gollings @JasonGollings tweeted.

Full Fact’s analysis finds that most Britons would still brace for higher prices despite the Labour’s energy plan, as the plan fails to detail how the money would be spent.

The Labour party, though, says the plan “wouldn’t let people pay a penny more on their fuel bill this winter”.


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