Outcry over ‘Brexit bonfire’ builds as 90% vote against Rishi’s EU law climbdown

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The UK government has scrapped plans to repeal more than 4,000 EU laws by the end of 2023, with Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch revealing that fewer than just 600 will be revoked.

Some Conservative MPs are threatening to oust Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for his climbdown, with some considering submitting letters calling for a no-confidence vote.

Speaking about the U-turn, one Tory MP described it as “the final straw” and said that letters of no confidence being sent to 1922 Committee chairman Sir Graham Brady is now “a possibility”.

However, a senior member of the Eurosceptic European Research Group (ERG) said: “Colleagues need to stay calm. We are not at the letters stage yet even though I understand why there is a lot of anger.”

There is indeed anger: the move has been slammed as a “Brexit betrayal” by nine in 10 Express.co.uk readers in a new poll.

In the poll that ran from 11.15am on Friday, May 12, to 11.30am on Monday, May 15, Express.co.uk asked readers: “Is Rishi Sunak’s EU law U-turn a Brexit betrayal?”

Overall, 3,527 votes were cast with 90 percent of readers (3,167 people) answering “yes” it is a betrayal, compared with nine percent (331 people) who said “no” it is not. A further one percent (29 people) said they did not know.

In the comments left below the accompanying article, readers took part in a lively discussion on what has been dubbed the ‘Brexit bonfire’.

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Many readers argued that the climbdown is a betrayal, with username pokey writing: “It is a major betrayal, no excuses, give him the boot.”

Another, username ursh45 remarked: “Sunak has betrayed Brexit with his U-turn on EU laws. One thing is sure this will cost the Tories dearly.”

And username Stevie012 thought that the move broke wider promises, commenting: “We are being sneaked back into the EU against our wishes and without consultation, Brexit was democratically voted for and promised, now we expect those promises to be implemented in their fullness, no excuses, out means out.”

However, others noted that 4,000 laws were a lot to consider. Username Marnai said: “To promise to scrutinise all 4,000 EU rules this year was always a stupid promise. If they can manage 600 this year and follow with the rest later, that would be far more realistic. That’s not a betrayal.”

While username NineFingers said: “I believe this is an example of the Prime Minister putting aside political ideology and just doing what is best for the nation right now!”

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