Tortured Ukrainian troop ‘begged to die’ but Russians said he ‘hadn’t seen hell’

A Ukrainian soldier who was tortured by his Russian captors "begged to die" but the sick Kremlin troops told him he couldn't as he "hadn't seen the seven circles of hell yet," according to a shocking new report into war crimes.

The Danish organization Dignity has published a report that reveals the scale of Russian atrocities in Ukraine, finding 725 cases of torture, ill-treatment, summary executions and other human rights violations.

Among the horror crimes were reports of Ukrainian troops being singed with a hot iron and suffocated with gas masks.

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In some cases, the Russians beat the prisoners so hard that they suffered heart attacks or were forced to lie in the blood of their executed cellmate.

The depths of depravity were laid bare by what the captors allegedly told one soldier after torturing him non stop to the point where he begged for relief in the form of death.

The Russians, however, deliberately kept him alive, saying that he "hasn't yet seen the full seven circles of hell."

Another prisoner said that he had to listen to how a Ukrainian soldier was raped for three days in a row before he disappeared.

Prisoners of the penal colony in Kherson, which was under occupation until November 2022, told how the guards ordered everyone to lie down on the floor, then shot one prisoner in the head through the window "because he acted too slowly".

A soldier from Mariupol said that the Russians kidnapped him from his prison cell and held him for five months, torturing him every day.

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Therese Rytter, Dignity's legal director, said the use of torture by the Russian military was "widespread, systematic and may therefore constitute a crime against humanity."

The organization interviewed 121 victims of Russian abuse, including in official detention centers such as prisons and police stations, and unofficial detention centers such as school basements, homes and government buildings.

Dignity officials discovered that the use of torture by Russian forces was a normal practice used against Ukrainian soldiers, police officers or government officials in occupied territories as a means of forcing their cooperation.

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