Vorderman and woke banks prove Brexit was just start of fight to save Britain

Nigel Farage talking to Camilla Tominey about bank account closures

Leftwing commentators often sneer at the idea of a “culture war” and claim that it is a centre-right construct concerning secondary issues such as statues being toppled by Black Lives Matter (BLM) extremists or defending the free speech of people they believe to be bigots.

A number of Labour MPs in particular have made it clear to Express.co.uk that they are contemptuous of the idea that culture war issues could decide an election or even really matter apart from triggering people on the right.

This may explain why it took Sir Keir Starmer so long to bother to work out what a woman is and why he happily took the knee for BLM.

But the last month has proven that the issue of woke authoritarianism on the Left infects every institution in our country and now poses a very serious threat to our way of life and freedom to live it as we choose.

As Farage himself texted to me today when Express.co.uk revealed the way the advertising network is now controlled by the woke hard left: “It runs deep.”

It has also proven something else Farage has always said: winning the referendum to leave the EU and achieving Brexit was “just the beginning of a longer struggle”.

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Express.co.uk recently caught up with Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg in Parliament and he was clear that the closure of bank accounts is just a symptom of a much worse problem.

He said: “The is all about woke corporations and their bizarre attempt to force their worldview on us rather than just sell us their products.”

Apparently, there is a particular issue with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream being popular with the young Rees-Moggs in his household despite the company’s continued desire to push extreme woke policies including recently handing back large swathes of the USA to native Americans.

“It’s not always possible to boycott these companies,” noted Sir Jacob.

NatWest is certainly not alone among banks which are trying to de-bank people for political reasons – Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds and Metro among others have all been caught up in the scandal.

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But the issue is much wider.

As the revelations about the leftwing Conscious Advertising Network’s (CAN) attempts to shut down debate in the media by getting advertisers to sign up to their charter proves, the problem of attacks on our way of life and free speech really does run deep.

It is no surprise at all that CAN, along with the banks, is closely involved with the Government and helps shape policy.

Rishi Sunak actually appointed the disgraced former NatWest chief executive Dame Alison Rose as an adviser after the Farage bank account scandal broke.

It was interesting to note that Environment Secretary Therese Coffey had to put out a message on Friday to order civil servants from continuing to work with Greenpeace after its activists invaded the Prime Minister’s constituency home.

As one Tory MP said: “Why is the Government taking advice from a hard-left extremist group like Greenpeace in the first place?”

It is already established that wokeness is entrenched in Whitehall, witnessed by the immense battle by Kemi Badenoch to get Stonewall out of the Government as an official adviser because of its attempts to push an extreme transgender policy.

Very senior civil servants like the permanent secretary to the Ministry of Justice Antonia Romeo – branded the Queen of Woke – have fought tooth and nail to keep diversity programmes in place.

It is also no coincidence that the woke champions are often Remainers – whether in the civil service, among politicians, universities, or most insidiously in corporate boardrooms.

Alison Rose and her chairman Sir Howard Davies became good examples but were far from being isolated as those of us who remember the struggle to win Brexit and defeat Project Fear remember.

But why list Carol Vorderman?

The former Countdown maths corner person – who was once paid £900,000 for the gig – has become the social media face of a tirade against Tories, Brexit, and in support of woke causes on Net Zero and other areas.

Some may unkindly point out that the 62-year-old celebrity is no longer much of a hot property on TV any more and may be seeking attention but she is symptomatic of a vicious censorious culture aimed at people on the centre-right.

Her attacks on Veterans Minister Johnny Mercer and his wife Felicity have been particularly nasty.

But Vorderman, who once was David Cameron’s maths tsar, is just one.

You could also look at Gary Lineker who uses his BBC fame as a platform for woke causes and political attacks.

But the two are linked in this way.

Who gives Vorderman a weekly platform? Answer the taxpayer-funded BBC (in Wales in her case).

The BBC uses its taxpayer-funded dominant position to attack (and later, sort of, apologise to) Nigel Farage over the de-banking story, pushes an unquestioning view on Net Zero policies and has been incredibly biased against Brexit.

It is, of course, yet another woke corporation trying to tell the little people what to do.

Corporations almost entirely supported the EU bureaucratic structure and remaining in. Brexit was the first serious rejection of their power by ordinary people.

If rants by Vorderman or the de-banking scandal have proven anything in recent weeks then it is that Brexit was the first part of a culture war and it is one that ordinary people in this country and the centre-right need to win.

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