Lamborghini suddenly bursts into flames while driving through Moscow

Lamborghini exploding in Moscow

This is the moment a supercar burst into flames driving through the streets of Moscow just over a mile from the Kremlin.

The blue Lamborghini sports car, worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, or over a million Russian rubles, was videoed driving down a street in the Russian capital with its engine roaring.

But as the motor vehicle passes down a road called Khilkov Pereulok smoke begins billowing from the rear quickly sparking into flames.

Smoke from the burning sports car could be seen across Moscow with the location being just a seven-minute drive from the Kremlin.

Onlookers shout to the car and a man in a black t-shirt, dark trousers and white trainers jumps out of the driver’s side.

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The video jumps forward slightly and the entire car is engulfed with an inferno causing explosive sounds to emanate from the burning wreckage.

The drama appears to unfold in a wealthier Moscow neighbourhood and a man dressed in a grey suit rushed from a large ornate building with a fire extinguisher to tackle the blaze.

His efforts appear to have been in vain as by the end of the video the car is fully on fire and a fire engine can be seen arriving to water down what’s left.

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The man who exited the car cannot be seen anymore in the footage.

Igor Sushko posted the image on X, formerly known as Twitter, yesterday with the caption: “Lamborghini self-immolated in downtown Moscow. This Italian car chose death over life in a dictatorship.”

Video of the incident has been widely shared on X with reports from some news organisations saying there were no injuries in the incident.

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