‘Your failure!’ Nicola Sturgeon brutally attacked after hitting out at ‘impact of Brexit’

Brexit: Sturgeon and SNP left with ‘headache’ says insider

Nicola Sturgeon has taken to Twitter to further criticise Boris Johnson’s hard-fought Brexit deal with the EU. The Scottish First Minister, who has made no secret of her opposition to the UK leaving the bloc, decided to share a Twitter thread highlighting the “devastating impact of Brexit”.

She wrote: “This thread from @scotfoodjames on the real and devastating impact of Brexit on our food exporters is essential reading.”

The series of tweets by James Withers, CEO of Scotland Food and Drink, highlighted the problems food exporters are now facing.

He said: “More messages from food exporters who are finding the door to the EU is now shut.

“Haulage firms won’t take their loads; bureaucratic/IT systems failing.

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“A multi-billion pound trade system is being tested for the 1st time, in real time.

“And it’s going wrong. Brexit, week 1 was bad. Week 2 will be worse.”

But Ms Sturgeon has been brutally torn apart by social media users for continuing to spout her anti-EU agenda.

One person wrote: “Anyone would think when you put on selected articles like this that you are trying to manipulate and influence peoples thinking… Could it be to drive your own narrative and policy directions.”

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Another user said: “It’s always an essential read when the narrative agrees with your ranting.”

A third wrote: “We have left, now is the time to make the United Kingdom Great Again not constantly bring it down.”

Several people simply replied to the tweet instructing her to “resign”.

Another user said the fault lay with the Scottish government’s failure to prepare adequately for Brexit.

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They said: “If this is correct then they should have been better prepared – your failure.

“Your solution is to make is worse.

“You are deluded and should be held accountable for the harm you are inflicting on the people of Scotland – we need someone who wants Scotland to be a better place asap.”

Another user also branded the First Minister “delusional” for thinking Brussels would let Scotland rejoin the EU if it were to split from the rest of the UK.

They wrote: “All you do is spread divisive rubbish…. focus on the positives…. getting independence do you believe the EU will accept you back… quite delusional…!”

Another person said: “Should you not be working to support your exporters to overcome these difficulties rather than just spouting negativity.

“I didn’t vote for Brexit in the UK wide vote either but we are where we are and need to support businesses / come up with solutions – that’s your job!”

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