Andrews stands by nebuliser story after patient hits back

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has stood by his claim that a man broke rules governing quarantine when he used a nebuliser suspected of a role in the Holiday Inn coronavirus outbreak.

At a press conference on Friday, the Premier was adamant the nebuliser was never declared by the returned traveller.

“Short of barging into people’s rooms multiple times a day – which, again, I think might well produce a pretty big infection control risk itself – you have got to rely on people’s judgment,” Mr Andrews said on Friday.

Speaking from his bed in a Melbourne intensive care ward, the 38-year-old Victorian man said he declared his nebuliser to hotel quarantine staff, who also offered to source more of the medication administered by the machine.

He said that the public portrayal of the situation had made him feel like a criminal.

Asked about the conflicting accounts, Mr Andrews said on Saturday that the head of COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria Emma Cassar would front the media to answer questions about the issue later in the day.

Mr Andrews said that he did not believe he had made any inaccurate comments.

“I have no advice that sees me doubt what I’ve been told by CQV,” Mr Andrews said.

“I don’t believe I have said things that are inaccurate, I got the advice provided to me.”

Mr Andrews said he had never made a negative comment about the man who was now in hospital.

“In terms of these issues, I’m not reflecting on the person, I don’t think that’s fair, and that is not something I’ve said today,” he said.

“Ultimately, it is my understanding, the advice I have is that machines have been taken from people, that is the normal process.”

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