BBC Weather: Temperatures teeter on freezing as weekend to be ‘disrupted’ by heavy rain

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts unsettled conditions

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Carol Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast ‘low pressure will be in charge’ as rain and wind are set to hit most of the country over the next few days. As a weather front moved over the UK on Wednesday, another front is on its way as it moves northeast from the south of the UK. The weekend is set to be disrupted by heavy rains and winds in a warning to anyone who may have plans.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Ms Kirkwood warned many would see heavy rain and strong winds for the next few days.

She told the programme: “Things are looking very unsettled in the weather for the next few days.

“We had a brief ridge of high-pressure yesterday which settles things down or settled things down.

“But for the rest of the week, low pressure is going to be in charge.”

The presenter then looked at Thursday and said it could be bright in some areas but many can expect rain and winds.

She added: “So we’re gonna have spells of rain, it’s going to be windy with some brighter interludes.

“But we could potentially have some disruptive wind and rain through the course of this weekend.

“[Thursday] morning has been a cold start in parts of Scotland with temperatures below freezing, just above freezing in northern England.

UK Weather: Met Office forecast outbreaks of rain and winds

“That won’t last because we get a band of heavy rain moving across towards the south and will begin to turn more blustery in nature.

“Through the course of [Thursday] and beyond that, we will see some brighter skies but generally speaking with a lot of cloud around.”

Ms Kirkwood warned there was another weather front now coming in which will bring bad weather for most of the UK.

She continued: “Then we have the next weather front coming in across western Scotland and Northern Ireland bringing more rain.

“The other thing about [Thursday] is it’s windy at the moment, particularly windy across the northwest.

“Here the wind will ease a touch but even inland today we’re going to see as much as 30 or 40mph.

“You will notice that temperatures will be 11C to about 18C later this evening and overnight with some clear skies.

“But you can see already the rain sweeping in from the west, it’s still going to be pretty windy as well but with all of this going on it doesn’t mean it’s not going to be as cold.”

She then looked at the next few days.

She said: “A wet start to the day tomorrow as it is today.

“So talking of tomorrow, you can see how we’ve got a weather front sinking south bringing rain.

“We’ve got an occlusion which is wrapped around an area of low pressure which will bring more showers merging to give some longer spells of rain across western Scotland.”

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