Brit captured by Russians ‘wants to go back and fight’ after being freed

A British bloke who was captured by Russians while fighting in Ukraine says he wants to head back to the frontlines after being freed.

Scaffolder Andrew Hill, 36, was captured and tortured by Russian despot Vladimir Putin's troops and saw the horrors of war before his very eyes, but says he would not hesitate to go back.

The 36-year-old left his partner and job to go and fight in Ukraine before the war had started but was captured while out on a mission.

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Hill had been dragged around various camps and prisons in Ukraine, with his captors using his phone to send ransom messages to his family, including his 13-year-old daughter.

But Hill was freed last month as part of a plea deal that saw fellow British POWs Aiden Aslin and Shaun Pinner released and sent back home.

Yet the 36-year-old is unwilling to give up the fight, declaring his intentions and saying he "still wants to go back and fight", adding also that he "doesn't regret it at all".

Speaking to The Sun, Hill said: "I haven't settled in at home and it's still active in my mind. I'm glad I went out there, it was the right thing to do and I don't regret it at all.

"I still want to go back and fight. I feel strongly for Ukraine and I want to help in any way I can. But my team has said that I can sit the next one out."

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Hill also spoke about the horrors of war and what he saw while on the frontlines, saying: "We were at an observation point and there were some kids playing in front of us, maybe about 100 metres away, and they were around 13 years old.

"Russians targeted that play park with artillery and directly hit the children. The Russians don't care. To me it almost seems like a genocide. They want to eradicate Ukrainian culture."

The former British Army soldier was later deployed in Bucha, where he witnessed the mess Putin's troops had caused.

He added: " There were bodies littering the streets everywhere. They found a mass grave. The Russians were just killing everything and everyone. There was a lot of destruction."

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