Brit girl trafficked to Syria aged 12, raped and impregnated by her jihadi 'husband' trapped in refugee camp

A BRITISH girl who was trafficked to Syria at the age of 12 before being raped and impregnated by her jihadi 'husband' is among dozens of UK nationals trapped in refugee camps, a charity has claimed.

A report by charity Reprieve states that the majority of British women in the Roj and Al Hol camps in Syria have been sexually abused, many of them while under the age of 18.

The charity highlighted the case of a girl known as Nadia who was taken to the country aged 12 by a male relative and repeatedly raped until she fell pregnant at 15.

The Times reports she escaped her jihadi 'husband' with her mother and sister but is now being detained inside a camp.

Reprieve has accused the UK government of 'failing' trafficking victims and not doing enough to bring them back home.

The report says: "The UK government claims to be leading the global fight against human trafficking and modern slavery, yet . . . it is systematically failing trafficking victims."

Maya Foa, director of Reprieve, who has visited the camps, said the trafficking victims were “pawns in a political play”.

She added: “These are victims who have been abandoned. I find it cruel, callous and cynical. It is not lawful, not humane and not in our security interests. On every level it is counterproductive.”

The report – titled Trafficked to Syria – says many British girls in Syria were made to travel to ISIS strongholds by male relatives or lured there on dating sites.

It also claims at least 19 British adults in northeast Syria have been stripped of their citizenship, including Shamima Begum, who was 15 when she fled her home in Bethnal Green in East London to become a jihadi bride.

Tory MP Andrew Mitchell, writes in the report: "We cannot wash our hands of these Britons, abandoning them in ungoverned space."

Last year, he wrote in an open letter: "We are concerned that their current indefinite detention in increasingly precarious Kurdish detention camps poses a significant security challenge to the UK, as well as significant harm to the children involved.

"We urge you to ensure that these individuals are brought back to the UK so that any adults accused of crimes can be fairly prosecuted with due process, and the children's safety is ensured.

"We believe that a policy of family separation would undermine any prospect of reintegrating returning children into UK society, while doing nothing to resolve the risk of losing track of the adults in north-east Syria, or secure justice for any crimes they may have committed."

Earlier this year, Begum was defeated in her legal battle to return to the UK for a court appeal over the removal of her British citizenship.

The Supreme Court uninamously ruled in favour of the Government and said Begum cannot come back to the UK for a court case to reclaim her British passport for the safety of the public.

Then-Home Secretary Sajid Javid revoked her citizenship on national security grounds after she was discovered pregnant in a refugee camp in 2019 and announced she wanted to return to the UK.

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