Covid vaccine is key to getting through difficult winter and enjoying Christmas

THE Covid-19 booster programme has moved rapidly in recent weeks, with over 10 million people in the UK already vaccinated.

That’s around double the number getting their top-up dose since The Sun launched its campaign just over three weeks ago.

Thank you to the Sun, the NHS and everybody who has played their part in this crucial mission.

We know vaccine protection begins to wane after six months, especially for the elderly and the vulnerable,

That’s why we’re doing everything we can to roll out boosters quickly.

We’ve updated the National Booking Service to allow people to pre-book booster appointments a month in advance of becoming eligible.

This means they can book five months after their second dose — and get jabbed on the day they hit the six-month mark, reducing delays.

And flu is another virus which can be deadly over the winter — and could add significant pressure to the NHS.

I cannot stress the importance of getting your vaccine enough.

This is a call to everyone.

Whether you’re eligible for a booster, haven’t got round to your first or second jab, or your child is eligible for a dose — it is never too late to come forward.

For those not yet eligible for a top-up dose, you can still do your bit by helping your loved ones get their jabs.

By uniting behind the collective vaccine effort, we can get through this difficult winter and look forward to enjoying Christmas with our family and friends that we’ve all been patiently waiting for.

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