Doctor facing investigation after ‘performing abortion on a 10-year-old girl’

A criminal investigation is taking place into a doctor who performed an abortion on a 10-year-old sexual assault victim.

The top law official in the US state of Indiana has launched a criminal investigation, writes 9 News.

Attorney-General Todd Rokita said his office is investigating obstetrician-gynaecologist Dr Caitlin Bernard for allegedly not reporting the girl's sexual abuse.

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Under Indiana law, doctors have three days to report instances of child sexual assault to law enforcement authorities.

Rokita told Fox News: "We're gathering the evidence as we speak, and we're going to fight this to the end, including looking at her licensure.

"If she failed to report it in Indiana, it's a crime for — to not report, to intentionally not report."

A 27-year-old is currently behind bars after being charged with multiple counts of raping the 10-year-old girl.

Rokita made a point of alleging the 27-year-old accused rapist was not in America legally.

In a statement Rokita said: "Aside from the horror caused here by illegal immigration, we are investigating this situation and are waiting for the relevant documents to prove if the abortion and/or the abuse were reported, as Dr Caitlin Bernard had requirements to do both under Indiana law.

"The failure to do so constitutes a crime in Indiana, and her behaviour could also affect her licensure."

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Dr Bernard was the person who first brought the case to the public's attention by reporting it to the Indianapolis Star.

Her attorney issued a statement saying Dr Bernard took "every appropriate and proper action".

The statement said: "She followed all relevant policies, procedures, and regulations in this case, just as she does every day to provide the best possible care for her patients.

"She has not violated any law, including patient privacy laws, and she has not been disciplined by her employer.

"We are considering legal action against those who have smeared my client, including Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, and know that the facts will all come out in due time."

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