Doctor storms out of surgery after colleagues didn't make him a tea

Doctor storms out of operating theatre halfway through surgery because his colleagues didn’t make him a cup of tea

  • A three person committee has since been set up to investigate the incident 

A doctor stormed out of an operating theatre halfway through surgery, angry that his colleagues had not made him a cup of tea.

Tejrang Bhalavi was carrying out family planning surgery on eight women at a health centre in Nagpur, central India, on November 3.

Halfway through the operations, and having anaesthetised four of the women, he asked colleagues to make him a cup of tea.

But when staff came back empty-handed, he suddenly left the theatre without completing the surgeries.

When the hospital administration told the district medical officer about the incident, a replacement was sent to finish off the surgeries on the four remaining women. 

File photo shows a surgical team performing an operation in a modern operation theatre

The district administration has since ordered an inquiry into what happened, NDTV reported.

The outlet quoted the district council’s CEO Soumya Sharma in saying a three-member committee would investigate the case.

She said she understood Dr Bhalavi had ‘left the operation due to not receiving tea’.

‘If doctors are willing to abandon such critical procedures over a mere cup of tea, they should be held accountable under section 304 of the Indian Penal Code.’ 

The section refers to causing death by negligence, not amounting to murder. 

‘Appropriate action’ will be taken against Dr Bhalavi based on the findings.

In the United States, a cancer patient is now suing his hospital and surgeons after they allegedly removed the wrong organ during a botched appendix operation.

George Piano, 72, went to have his appendix removed at the University of Washington Medical Centre in December 2022.

When the pain persisted, subsequent scans showed doctors had removed part of his large intestine instead of his appendix, he claims.

When staff failed to bring the surgeon a cup of tea, he suddenly left the theatre without completing the surgeries, reports say

In 2013, a man sued a surgeon after an operation reportedly left him with an erection that lasted for eight months and a scrotum the size of a volleyball following penile implant surgery.

Daniel Metzgar, 44, had the surgical procedure in 2009. In June 2013, a medical malpractice lawsuit heard claims that the surgery had been botched. 

The truck driver had a three-piece inflatable penile implant fitted by surgeon Dr. Thomas J. Desperito.

Attorneys for the doctor suggested the truck driver should have realised something was wrong when his scrotum swelled to the size of a volleyball after the December surgery. 

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