Russia warns NATO of ‘catastrophic consequences’ as tensions with Moscow soar

Russia has warned the West of “catastrophic consequences” if relations continue to sour, sparking World War 3 fears between Moscow and NATO.

The Russian Foreign Ministry released a dire statement on the 90th anniversary of the Russian-US relationship warning that relations were hanging by a thread.

The statement read in part: “Owing to Washington’s policy of rampant Russophobia, [relations] risk being severed at any moment. This is not Russia’s choice, but reckless moves on the part of the United States that spin the wheel of escalation, including the doctrinal task of inflicting a ‘strategic defeat’ on Moscow, risk leading to catastrophic consequences.”

Relations between the West and Russia have plummeted to lows not seen since the Cold War following NATO’s backing of Ukraine.

Moscow accused the US of being “hopelessly and nonsensically focused on changing the regime and stirring up internal strife in Russia, a project into which substantial funds are being invested”.

Despite the harsh rhetoric, Russia’s Foreign Ministry just days before said that the US had offered to hold back room talks at the APEC Summit in San Francisco.

Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said: “Even the US started to signal its readiness to engage in a pragmatic informal dialogue with us, albeit behind the scenes. I can’t say anything, there have been such approaches.

“Nevertheless, Washington’s policy of fruitless verbal altercations still prevails. This is what you see on your screens.”

As Russia’s war with Ukraine approaches its third year, Moscow’s position on the battlefield has become more desperate. Billions of dollars worth of Western weaponry has flooded into Ukraine, blunting Russian advances.

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Amid this backdrop of Russian soldiers being killed by NATO weapons given to Ukraine, tensions have skyrocketed. Rhetoric out of Moscow has been sharp with some politicians and pundits going as far as to call for war with the West.

A war between NATO and Russia would be devastating and many think that such a conflict could go nuclear.

Russia has nearly 6,000 nuclear warheads while NATO countries – the US, UK and France – have a similar amount.

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