Families forced to queue outside crematoriums with corpses of Covid victims

Families have been forced to queue for hours outside a crematorium with the corpses of their relatives after Covid ravaged their country.

China has been decimated by coronavirus in recent weeks having lifted strict lockdowns and travel restrictions, with the health ministry reporting 13,000 people had died from January 13-19.

It has seen many services overrun, including crematoriums.

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Videos shared by a funeral directors in Chengdu, southwest of China, showed a long queue of people carrying bodies on stretchers on the roadside at 4 o'clock in the morning.

They waited for hours until the crematorium opened so they could carry the deceased bodies to cremate them.

Another video showed black smoke billowing out from the crematorium as a family wheeled a body up onto the front door.

Viewers shared their thoughts in the comments, with one noted: "This is all too sad to watch, families wheeling bodies in, black smoke out from the chimney behind the buidling."

A second wrote: "We queue for food, queue for Covid test…and now dead bodies are in queue. Mad scene."

"I lost both my parents to Covid, they must be rushing to send them off before Lunar New Year," a third added.

China will be bracing for a new wave of Covid cases as tens of thousands of people travel across the country to celebrate the week-long Chinese New Year holiday with their families.

It has been dubbed as the world's largest annual human migration and comes three years to the day after the Wuhan lockdown.

The long-waited reunions is the first major holiday in China, after Beijing dropping restrictions including the mass testing regime and mandatory quarantine policy.

The total death toll is expected to be higher than what has been reported as the death count excludes those who died at home.


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