Hero dad saves ‘small’ dog’s life by scaring off bear with ingenious method

A heroic dad has gone viral for saving his dog's life after he stopped a bear from trying to attack his pet.

Josh Martinez, from Destin, Florida, bravely confronted the predator after he spotted it chasing his small Golden Doodle named Salomon.

In harrowing footage online, a woman could be seen panicking whilst on the phone, as the frightened pet dashed into the frame.

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The bear was filmed as it chased the pooch before Josh signalled his family to go inside the house.

The father then stepped outside to scare off the animal and confronted him in the tense home surveillance.

Following the frightful ordeal, Josh revealed he belongs to a US Army Special Forces Family and said he is highly trained.

He commented: "We are an active duty US Army Special Forces family.

"We were protecting our amazing mini golden Doodle Salomon and I was protecting my family as the bear came near my family.

"I did what any other father would do to protect their family."

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The footage soon went viral on Facebook and has now gathered more than 5000 likes, reports LadBible.

One person said: "Papi was obviously a bigger bear. good job papiiii!"

Another commented: "I think the bear had a heart attack because of the amount of noise it was exposed to."

A third person wrote: "Definitely a SOF guy. Went from Beast Mode to Chill Mode in three seconds. I wish I could do that."

However, some stunners users pointed out the courage of mum Aurora who followed after the bear in a bid to retrieve her dog.

Another added: "What about the mother, she literally ran after the dang bear screaming! That was gutsy!"

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