Homeless scumbag hits man and steals his wallet at LA restaurant

Moment homeless scumbag beats elderly man and steals his wallet at Hollywood restaurant – before hero owner chases after him and holds him down until police arrive

  • Restaurant owner Tim Ratcliff conducted a citizen’s arrest on August 1 when he tacked a homeless man that beat up an elderly man and stole his wallet
  • The homeless man entered the outdoor seating complex of Raffallo’s Pizza and hit the elderly man sitting down with his dog 
  • Ratcliff, who is the owner of a restaurant in the shopping complex, was eating nearby when he jumped to his feet to tackle mugger 
  • The Shin restaurant owner constrained the unidentified homeless man on the intersection of La Brea and Hollywood before police arrived
  • The elderly man suffered from bruises and was taken to the hospital 

A heroic Hollywood restaurant owner chased down and dramatically constrained a homeless scumbag that beat an elderly man before stealing his wallet and phone. 

The man, believed to be in his 70s, was sitting outside a dining complex on August 1 enjoying a meal from Raffallo’s Pizza in Los Angeles when the homeless man suddenly punched him in his face and ribs, surveillance footage shows. 

Nearby, the owner of the Japanese cuisine joint, Shin, was eating with his girlfriend when he witnessed the altercation and rushed to chase down the man.

‘We were shocked that it happened, and then I started running after him,’ Shin owner Tim Ratcliff told DailyMail.com. ‘As I rounded the corner, he turned around, and sucker punched me.’

‘I tackled him to the ground and held him there until the police arrived.’

An elderly man was attacked while eating with his dog outside of a pizza joint in Hollywood on August 1 by a homeless scumbag

The about 70-year-old man was sitting down when he was suddenly punched before the assailant took his keys and wallet 

Shin restaurant owner Tim Ratcliff was eating nearby with his girl friend when he jumped to his feet to confront the thief 

Ratcliff instantly constrained the man outside of the restaurant at the intersection of La Brea and Hollywood

The attack occurred on the intersection of La Brea and Hollywood in front of Raffallo’s Pizza 

The struggle between Ratcliff and the homeless man unfolded on the sidewalk of the intersection of La Brea and Hollywood. 

Ratcliff instantly tackled the unidentified thief to the ground as his girlfriend rushed to help. She then stomped on the homeless man before collecting the phone and wallet of the elderly man and returning it back to him. 

Shin restaurant owner Tim Radcliff, rushed to detain the homeless man who attacked the elderly man 

The homeless man can be seen with a bloody face as he attempted to escape Ratcliff’s grip while aimlessly reaching to bite his arm. 

Bystanders walked and drove by with their cell phone cameras until police arrive minutes later.

Ratcliff says the elderly man suffered from bruises and was taken to the hospital. The brave restaurant owner will appear in court on August 16 to testify. 

‘Hopefully everything goes really well and he gets to stay in jail for a long time,’ Ratcliff said. 

Ratcliff’s girl friend, who wasn’t identified, rushed to to help the restaurant owner. She stomped and kicked on the thief as he attempted to loosen from Ratcliff’s grip

The girl friend then quickly gathered the phone and wallet of the elderly man and returned it to him. Police arrived minutes later

The August 1 attack of the elderly man comes a few months after an Olympic silver medalist star was attacked in Los Angeles by a homeless man wielding a metal pole in July.

Kim Glass, a 6ft 3in volleyball player, shared shots of her bloody nose and eye after being randomly jumped in Los Angeles. 

The 37-year-old said the thug was acting strangely before running up to her and battering her in the face 

But the LA native reassured fans that despite the ghastly cuts across her head she was okay after being stitched up. 

Olympic silver medalist Kim Glass posted a startling video showing the aftermath of a brutal attack she suffered on the streets of LA at the hands of a homeless person

Glass told how she had been leaving lunch and saying goodbye to her friends before the horrific attack.

She said the ‘homeless man ran-up, he had something in his hand and he was on the other side of a car on the street.’

The Sports Illustrated model and star of the US women’s volleyball team said the attacker looked at her ‘with some pretty hateful eyes.’

Glass said she had been about to turn to her friend to say she thought there was something wrong with him and that he might hit a car.

She continued: ‘Before I knew it, a big metal bolt, like a pipe, hit me… it happened so fast. He literally flung it from the street.’

Glass later said she was okay after having stitches but there would be no permanent damage to her vision.

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon has been widely criticized for his progressive policies, which some say has heightened crime

The attacks come amid a crime wave sweeping across the city that hundreds of thousands warn is being driven by the woke county district attorney.

George Gascon has been criticized for his liberal approach to crime, with violent offenders being let out of jail early and others not even being locked up.

A second attempt to recall the woke district attorney failed after 195,783 of the more than 700,000 signatures submitted were invalid, the Los Angeles Registrar County Office released on Monday. 

The petition required 566,857 valid signatures, but only 520,050 were found to be valid. 

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