Meghan blasted for ‘constant need to insert herself into podcast conversations’

Meghan Markle has been blasted for her "constant need to insert the Sussexes into conversations," an expert claimed.

The first episode of her new podcast saw the ex-Suits star and American tennis player Serena Williams speak of ambition.

Expert Gertrude Daly claimed that Meghan's latest Spotify podcast episode, entitled "Archetypes", provided more evidence that the Duchess was wanting "her story to be a part" of the discussion.

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She labelled the podcast episode a "fun, celebrity guest podcast" amid criticisms over the substance of the product.

Speaking of the substance of the episode and Meghan's inclusion of herself, Daly said: "One recurring criticism, I've had, of the Sussexes is their constant need to insert themselves into the conversation.

"Meghan doesn't just want to facilitate a conversation on ambition, she wants her story to be a part of it.

"While podcast hosts can never completely remove themselves from their subject matter, it did seem very odd that we didn't hear anything of substance from Serena Williams until the 11 minute mark.

"The 11 minutes before were all about bolstering Meghan's credibility as a feminist."

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Expert Daly continued describing the content of the episode, adding: "There was even a cameo from Prince Harry in those 11 minutes that added no substance to the conversation.

"He was just saying hello, and only seemed to be included to show off the Sussex's close friendship with Serena and have another juicy tweetable moment."

The cameo from Prince Harry and the episode containing Meghan and Serena Williams marks the first major step forward into content creation for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

They have still yet to come good on their Netflix contract, with the Daily Star reporting that the pair are under immense pressure to make "TV gold" for the platform.

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