Pictures of pub trapped in time under shopping centre

A REAL hidden gem: The pub trapped in time underneath a shopping centre in Loughborough with empty pint glasses and 27-year-old bag of dry roasted peanuts

  • Former popular basement bar The Green Man in Loughborough, Leicestershire, closed for good in 1993 
  • Its entrance way has since been walled up and it now sits unused underneath a busy shopping centre
  • Haunting images seem to show it is trapped in time with pictures of packets of peanuts and pint glasses 
  • Features in a new novel set in the town about the investigation of disappearance of local market traders 

These evocative pictures show a closed pub’s last day trapped in time, including an unwanted packet of peanuts and several empty pint glasses.

Once popular basement bar the Green Man, in Loughborough, Leicestershire, shut in 1993 and its doors were later walled up during restoration work.

It now sits underneath busy shopping centre Carillon Court with many shoppers completely unaware of the pub beneath their feet.

As a result its last moments have been preserved for more than 25 years.

Pictures taken in the underground pub show long unused benches, medieval murals on its walls and the last pint glasses used before it closed.

The former venue features in new novel The Green Man’s Dark Secret by writing group, Ruler’s Wit, which features a mystery surrounding the disappearance of market traders.

The Green Man’s entrance has long since been covered up since its last opening day in 1993, with many shoppers completely unaware of its existence beneath their feet in Loughborough, Leicestershire 

Some of the pictures show the pub’s cosy benches, now not suitable for sitting on, surrounded by old seemingly medieval murals on its walls. Its colourful ceilings are also plain to see in these incredible images taken in the once popular basement bar

It seems its staff did not see the pint in clearing up the last snacks enjoyed by customers before it shut its doors as this image shows a discarded packet of peanuts now long past its best by date. Hopefully whoever tucked into the nutty snack did not need their tablets they left on the bar in 1993

Other pictures taken in the Green Man show its long disused bar which still has its last pint glasses used before the doors shut and entrance was sealed. These glasses could do with a wash but would still do the job if someone was thirsty enough

Would-be customers would have to be very thirsty to want to take a sip from this discarded pint glass found on the bar of The Green Man in Loughborough. It has become discoloured over time but still looks good for a 27-year-old pint

Drinkers who visited the Green Man will recognise its distinctive shaped benches shown in this image which also shows the bar is remarkably unscathed, despite being abandoned for nearly 30 years. It could use a sweep but still looks good despite being unused since the early 1990s

Medieval murals showing troops preparing to storm a castle on its walls look as good today as they did in 1993. The basement bar’s pictures have come through the last 27 years unscathed and look as though they are ready to go another wall- presumably of history fans

While the bar and seats look untouched over the years, nature looks to be starting to take back its ceilings in this picture with several green plants sprouting through its lights. The greenery is just one of a few signs to suggest it has not been seen by many people for 30 years

The Green Man’s loos could do with a mop but still look remarkably preserved despite being unused since its last use nearly 30 years ago. Some of the tiles have also come away over time but the toilets will still be recognisable to several of its male patrons bursting over the years

Many shoppers using Carillion Court, Loughborough, will have no idea of the existence of the previous basement bar beneath their feet in the middle of the high street. It features in a new novel about the disappearance of local market traders in the town

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