Pontins cleaner disgusted by filthy chalets quit after two days on the job

A Pontins cleaner quit the holiday park just two days after she got the job as chalets were in a "filthy" state with dirty nappies, mould, rust and urine stains.

Mary got herself a job working at Pontins Camber Sands resort as a cleaner where she was expected to sweep through a chalet in 20 to 30 minutes.

She claims one chalet was "littered" with a baby’s dirty nappies, while others "stunk of tobacco" and had a bath that was "rusted and had black mould."

The job wasn’t worth the £5 an hour she was being paid, she told the Mirror, and quit after two days work at the resort.

On her first day Mary, whose name has been changed for protection, claims she was given "15 chalets that needed to be cleaned" and "all the cleaning was rushed."

She said there was no way cleaners were given enough time to do a proper job and claims management "doesn't care" about the state of the park.

Mary said: "On my first day I was paired with someone and we had a list of about 15 chalets that needed to be cleaned.

"We’d have around 20 to 30 minutes max to clean each one. All the cleaning was rushed.

"One of the chalets had been littered with dirty baby nappies and stunk of tobacco."

Mary also claims the park, which has received a flurry of bad reviews online, was "not organised" and wasn't "told what chemicals I would be using and how to keep safe."

She said: "Most people I know who've worked there lasted only a week because it was so chaotic. On my first day I had no training and wasn't told anything. It was a very hands-on job with very low pay.

"There was a big shed where cleaning supplies were and it was not organised at all.

"I was not told what chemicals I would be using and how to keep safe whilst using those chemicals, either.

"The most explaining I was given was an unlabelled bottle and someone telling me, this blue one cleans the bathrooms."

The condition of the chalets were so bad that Mary felt like she wouldn't have it in her to stay on at a place so dirty and managers that lacked motivation.

She claims: "There was one bath, it was rusted and had black mould. Toilets were dusty and had urine on the outside of the toilet bowl. Tables were sticky."

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Adding: "I got told we would do a deep clean every month, but I don’t think that would have ever happened.

"The park is quite big and we had to pull about large, heavy cleaning carts around the park."

Daily Star Online has contacted Pontins Camber Sands and Britannia Hotel Group for comment.

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