Russian wedding descends into violent anarchy as massive 30 person brawl breaks out VIDEO

Russia: Thirty people exchange blows in massive brawl

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Although police were quickly on the scene, they were powerless to stop the free for all, which involved around thirty people. Five people were later rushed to hospital suffering from gunshot and knife wounds. The incident happened at a marriage celebration in the village of Lermontovo, in Russia’s Krasnodar Territory.

Eye-witnesses say the brawl started in a hotel courtyard after an argument between guests quickly got out of hand.

In shocking scenes of violence, a group of men start hurling chairs at one another.

One man is singled out by others and shoved to the ground.

The mob then sets about beating the guest with spades and fists, as police dressed in riot gear vainly try to stop the frenzied attack.

Women can be heard screaming in the background, pleading for the men to stop the fighting – but all to no avail.

Further images show a man brandishing a gun and two others lying on the floor with blood pouring from open wounds.

One man can be seen writhing in agony, as he clutches part of his body covered in blood.

The horrific scenes were recored by one of the hotel guests from their balcony.

It comes as a 25-year-old Russian from Siberia was sentenced to eighteen years in jail after murdering his wife at their wedding party.

Stepan Dolgikh, who already had a conviction for murder, was found guilty of killing his wife Oksana Poludentseva,36, in October last year as they celebrated their marriage.

Mr Dolgikh flew into an uncontrollable rage after he suspected his wife of cheating on him.

Eye-witnesses said he beat her to death in front of horrified guests, before dumping her body in a ravine.

Chief investigator Kirill Petrushin explained: “He began to punch and kick her outside the house.

“He grabbed her by the hair, hit her, pushed her out into the street, where he also continued to strike her body and head.”

He added: “He beat her for a long time, in front of witnesses, and struck her vital organs – in the torso and head.

“He fully admitted guilt during the investigation.”

The police officer said Mr Dolgikh believed his wife was behaving inappropriately with one of the male guests at the wedding, which threw him into a rage.


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The inspector remained unconvinced that the convicted man was truly sorry for his crime.

He said: “As for repentance…. I cannot comment. I personally do not believe he repented.

Russian women have long suffered from violent domestic abuse, with new research showing that around one in ten families are affected.

However, MPs chose to water down laws protecting women from violent abuse in 2017.

Russian lawmakers voted, 380–3 to decriminalise certain forms of domestic violence.

Under the new law, first-time offences that do not result in “serious bodily harm” carry a maximum fine of 30,000 rubles (£424), up to 15 days’ administrative arrest, or up to 120 hours of community service.

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