Signs puffy Putin is having 'regular botox & fillers' after years of steroids in desperate search for eternal youth | The Sun

VLADIMIR Putin has been having regular botox and cheek fillers to maintain his image in a desperate search for eternal youth, experts claim.

The Russian tyrant is constantly under the watchful eye of opposition forces and social media sleuths who nitpick every part of his health.

While speculation surrounding Putin's internal issues continues, his facial features cannot be ignored.

Despite a difference of 10 years, Putin looks younger now than what he did a decade ago.

Experts now claim that there is clear evidence of the former spy having numerous procedures over the years to improve his looks.

More recent pictures of the former spy, especially, back up those theories – which have been swirling since 2011.

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As a result, the world leader has been labelled as a cosmetic surgery addict.

Speaking to The Sun, leading UK cosmetic surgeon Gerard Lambe is adamant that all signs lead to Putin having regular botox and filler injections.

"Mr Putin’s appearance has undergone a dramatic change over the years," he said.

"And although some of this is no doubt due to age and the stresses and strains of being a misunderstood world leader, I can see he has had some cosmetic intervention.

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“The biggest changes I see are in his facial shape which is likely due to cheek fillers but this is often overdone in a bid to avoid a facelift – this is something I see in my clinic on a regular basis.

"He may have had fat injections to fill out hollows in the cheeks and temple regions also."

Mr Lambe also states that Putin's under eye region has changed "dramatically" from earlier images.

He confirms that this is a result of corrective surgery.

He said: "These must have been surgically corrected with what is known as a lower blepharoplasty surgery.

"He has a much smoother brow and this will be due to a combination of regular botox and filler injections.

“He also seems to have smoother skin which may be due to regular skin peels."

Mr Lambe's comments are followed up by pharmacist and medical writer, Randall Higgins.

He told The Sun: "The shift from a leaner, more wrinkled face to a more bloated and sturdy build could potentially point to a few things.

"From a skincare angle, the clear difference in Putin's facial shape, with some guessing maybe cheek fillers, matches up with modern cosmetic procedures focused on plumping up or reshaping the face."

While it is natural to assume that Putin simply wants to look more younger than his years, there are some who see a deeper meaning to the Russian kingpin altering his appearance.

Doctor and former UK Foreign Secretary, Lord David Owen, believes Putin's filler injections could be a result of his own power and self obsession.

He told The Sun: “The search for eternal youth is fairly common amongst the very rich and powerful.

“What I have written about extensively over the years is the dangers of what I call Hubris Syndrome in leaders – mainly those in politics and in business who have wielded power over long periods.

"Eventually, their power has – to use a common wording – 'gone to their head'.

“Putin seems to suffer from this."

The search for eternal youth is fairly common amongst the very rich and powerful

It isn't just botox and fillers that have been linked to the root cause of Putin's puffy face.

Many theories claim that he has been taking steroids, but whether that is to boost his macho physique or counteract his rumoured cancer diagnosis is unknown.

Mr Owen added: "Originally when speculation started that Putin’s face had changed over the years, I thought he was taking cortico steroids and maybe likely in the muscle building form, anabolic steroids."

The Russian president has often been pictured stripped to the waist and showing off his macho physique whilst riding horses or out on hunting trips.

It is clear to see that the former spy takes pride in his appearance.

But whatever Putin's reasons are for his alleged steroid taking, the tell-tale signs of their effects are becoming harder to hide.

Personal trainer and award-winning writer, James Dixon, told The Sun that knowing what steroids Putin may be taking is crucial to understanding more on his situation.

He said: "The changes in Mr. Putin's face, like the fuller cheeks, go along with some of the clear signs of using steroids you see a lot in the world of fitness.

"Steroids, in all kinds of forms, could totally cause that kind of change in how someone looks.

"If it's for medical reasons, corticosteroids get used a bunch for dealing with inflammation.

"With really bad illnesses like cancer, they can be part of the treatment plan to help with the symptoms and side effects.

"In fitness and bodybuilding, anabolic steroids sometimes get used to pump up muscle growth and physical ability.

"It's important to know the difference between anabolic steroids for physical performance versus corticosteroids for medical use – context and the consequences involved are crucial."

Dr. Higgins adds that corticosteroids are known for causing a rounder face or "moon face" – a phrase many have used to describe Putin's changing appearance.



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"Even though they're commonly used medically for inflammation, they can make the face noticeably puffy and change where fat sits, particularly in the face," he said.

"Given Putin's well-known macho image and being into physically tough activities, it's a theory that has some weight."

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